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14 Aug 2017

Google Cloud Functions Environment

I’ve been having a great deal of fun recently playing with Google’s Firebase cloud service. In particular, the Google Cloud Functions are …
12 Nov 2014

Hiding or Disabling

I recently reviewed a web-based file manager for accessibility. It was laid out as a table, with information about each folder or file …
23 Sep 2010

Accessibility Bookmarklet for and Friends

Update: This issue has now been fixed, making this hack unnecessary. Recently, the developers behind changed their site in …
31 May 2010

ARIA Live Regions: Video Demo

If you’ve ever wondered how the Jaws Screen Reader handles ARIA live regions, this video should help. Sorry about the audio issues.
28 May 2010

Use ARIA to Indicate When Form Fields Are Required

The next time you create an HTML form with required fields, consider adding the aria-required=”true” attribute to the required control. …
28 May 2010

With HTML 5, Much Accessibility Will Come Free

Based on current estimates, HTML 5 will not become an official standard until 2022 (not a typo). However, browsers are expected to support …
18 Jun 2009

Another site for checking your pages colors

This is a relatively new site, but it looks promising. Thanks Cameron Moll for passing this along.
29 May 2009

When a Site Just Isn’t Accessible.

When I come across a web site that isn’t accessible, I usually just leave. However, if I really want to access that site, I can often do so …
10 Apr 2009

Requiring Right-Click Can Make Your Site Inaccessible

It’s not uncommon to see the instruction, “To download the file, right click and …”, but this can be difficult or impossible for screen …
08 Apr 2009

Accessibility Checklist, Version 1

Last year, I posted an accessibility checklist on North Temple. I don’t generally like to recommend these sorts of lists, because they tend …